Wednesday, November 28, 2007

And Again

Well, my earlier post was about stealing, and so is this one. When the kids got home from school today, I had to immediately leave for an appt. with the Neuro-Psychologist to find out results of tests she had done with Akila earlier this month. The kids got home at 3:35 and my appt. was at 4:00 at Children's Clinics. I had my coat on and bags on my shoulder.

Akila ran in the door and started to run up the stairs, with her coat and backpack. She said she had to go to the bathroom but it was very suspicious. I asked her if she had brought her extra coat back from school, she said yes. I told her to throw her backpack down so I could put the coat away. She refused. The sign that she had stolen. I asked what was in her backpack that should not be. She fussed, raged a bit, then said a purse. My heart sank. I thought, she has stolen the teacher's purse. I opened her backpack and was relieved to find a little girl's play purse, still a serious offense, but somehow I was relieved it was not an adults.

The purse does have several dollars in it and Akila of course fumed that I took it away from her. I felt bad for Paris, the young man who was sitting, as I left to hurry off to the doctor. I am still thankful that she has not figured out or tried to steal from a store yet, I know that will happen some day. By the way, did I mention that in all the fuss with Akila, I set my bags down and forgot all the paperwork I needed to bring with to the dr. appt?? I was very happy about that-NOT!

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