Friday, November 9, 2007

My First Entry,

Hi everyone,

My first entry, I am so nervous. First a disclaimer, a writer I am not. I will not even attempt to proof my entries or use good grammar-hopefully this thing has a spell check or you're all in for a treat. My husband, Michael, and I have 4 adopted children. Akila who is 8 and in 3nd grade, Imani who is 7 and in 2nd grade, Hezekiah who is 6 and in kindergarten and Zeke who is 5 and in High 5 Preschool. Akila is my alcohol effected child, she has ARND. Our children are African American and we are white. We got them all between 5-10 weeks of age, none of them are related by birth.

So, basically we have 4 children, ages 5,6,7 & 8. Yes, we are a bit crazy. I think this blog will probably focus on our (or should I say "my"-as I doubt Michael will do any posting, although he is welcome to) challenges with Akila. Obviously these challenges involve the entire family.

Yesterday, I attended a FASD conference in St. Paul which was excellent!!! I learned a good amount of stuff and made a few connections. It is quite overwhelming to sit in the audience and listen to the true facts of FASD and how many of our children we are actually screwing up. It is also motivating and I can feel the Lord in the last two or so months nudging me into greater involvement with the FASD movement. I am learning as much as I can to see how I can fit into it, and how it can fit into our lives. I know a fit will become obvious shortly. Prayer is a powerful thing and I can feel the Lord working in our lives big time right now.

Anyway, I think this is enough for the first post. I will write one about a Cheetos incident I had yesterday with Akila shortly.

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Christine said...

Hi. I came across your blog and decided to go back and read through parts of your blog. See.... we have a daughter with FAS too. Was your daughter diagnosed by a pyschologist-- and why does she take medication if you don't mind me asking. Anyway, hello. :)