Saturday, November 17, 2007

Silly "Little" Rages

Hello everyone. Today is day 5 post surgery, and I am starting to come back to life. Pain is still pretty substantial but the meds help- especially at making me tired. Yesterday morning was an interesting one. Michael got the kids off to school all week so I could sleep and I could hear he was having a "fun" morning with Akila (most are like that-actually, they have not been as bad since we started the Melatonin). She came into my bedroom and stood by the foot of my bed demanding that I comb out her hair and put new braids in it- a minimum 3 hour project. I said we would do it this weekend and that there was not time before school. This was not an OK answer. She started to lose it, and none of my words were going to calm her down. She raged, hit my legs with her teddy bear, spewed many hateful words and finally left as I just lay there dead to the world. It was a very peaceful way to wake up. I learned today that dad then had it out with her about wearing shoes to school-we are very demanding parents.

Today, she is having a hard time because Imani is at a friend's birthday party. I was laying on the couch (which I have been doing a lot) telling her we would have a friend sleep over next week for her. Of course, she does not understand next week. It was nearly time for her to leave for tennis which she did not want to do as she was too upset. She stood next to me on the couch raging about everything and nothing. I eventually had my eyes closed and my hands over my eyes (trying to stifle my headache) when she started yelling at me to stop looking at her. I asked her if she wanted me to look at her (since I wasn't) and she raged that she didn't want me to look at her. I said I wasn't which made her rage more. It was really fun. She obviously just needed to get some emotions out and had no idea what she wanted.

Anyway, I am very thankful that Ashley, a previous co-worker, is coming to get the kids tonight to take them to dinner and a movie. It will be great for them to get out as they have kind of been stuck in the house all week with me. I am ready to feel better. I must say a big public thanks to Emily for watching my kids all week until Michael got home from week. She is truly a blessing in our life!!

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FAScinated said...

Your life sounds so much like mine. Rages stink....and people who take your kids and give you a break are wonderful! :-)

Blessings! ~Kari