Saturday, November 10, 2007

Martian Child, or FASD???

Wow, it is true. Once you're starting to "get" FASD, you see it everywhere. I went with my friend tonight to see the movie, Martian Child, and she eventually was annoyed with me as I kept saying, "He probably has FASD- he has a lot of the symptoms." Not to mention that I couldn't stop talking about the FASD conference and all I had learned. It is hard to understand if you don't have a child who is affected or have not been reading up or going to trainings. My mind is spinning.


FAScinated said...

Mike and I are going to see that movie today. I bet I'll be thinking the same thing! ~Kari

Angie said...

I just went and saw this at the cheap seats last night. I LOVED it! I couldn't stop thinking about Akila! How great would it be if you had limitless time and money (like depicted in the movie) to spend with her?! I guess you'll have to turn this blog into a book and make millions! :)