Monday, November 12, 2007

Big Day

Well, I am going in bright and early tomorrow morning to have my tonsils removed. I am not looking forward to this for several reasons. The obvious one, PAIN. I'm not a big fan of pain. I had to have 1/2 of my thyroid removed in September due to a silly nodule on it, and they say this goofy surgery is going to be 10 times as hard of a recovery, due to the pain. Great, looking forward to it. But, I am also a bit anxious about the kids and how my recovery is going to affect them. Akila is quite addicted to me and I don't think I will have any patience to be around her for several days. Emily (our old sitter who is now like a dear family member-who also got engaged yesterday-congrats) is coming over each day to watch the kids until Mike gets home, but I know Akila well enough to know she will not be able to leave me alone. I pray that I will have the patience to deal with her if I need to (if-ha ha). I also pray that Mike will have the patience to deal with the kids pretty much alone each night.

I went to school and had lunch with my girls today, brought them Pizza Hut pizza from Target. I got there a few minutes too late and they had already gone through the line and gotten sloppy joes. But they didn't eat the school food (of course), we all ate pizza. Then after school, I asked each girl individually if they had any surprises in school and they both were able to say that I surprised them at lunch with pizza. At dinner, I asked the girls what they had for lunch for daddy's sake. Imani said "pizza", Akila said "sloppy joes". I asked Akila again several more times, and she kept answering sloppy joes. I asked her if that is what she ate. She had to think for several seconds, then answered pizza and remembered that I had been there. Her memory issues are sporadic but are thankfully not one of her major problems. They just pop up like this once in awhile.

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