Monday, November 26, 2007

Fake Fingernails

God bless my little girl who loves all things "Fu Fu" as I call it. Akila is obsessed with all things having to do with fashion. She loves clothing, hair, make-up- all the stuff I could really care less about. Anyway, today, she gets off the bus, walks in the door and wants to go to the store to buy fake stick-on fingernails. I asked her who she saw on the bus with some on and she told me a teenager. I tried to talk to her about how they looked and things like that. She knew I was trying to distract her or throw her off course and just kept on insisting that we go immediately to buy some. I told her we would put them on her Christmas list but that wasn't good enough. I told her we could not go buy some and the tantrum started. There was no distracting or calming her down. I told her she would need to go to her room if she could not calm down and stop screaming, kicking furniture and name calling. She did not listen. She would not go to her room. I then calmly, dragged her up the stairs to her bedroom and told her she could not come out until she calmed down. She raged in there for awhile, eventually came down and went back in on how I should buy her some to make her happy. I "brought" her back to her room and she eventually came back and kind of followed me around giving me what I call, the "Satan look".

We had dance class tonight so I had tried several times to get her to change into her dance clothing but she would have nothing to do with it. It was almost time to go, I got her changed, and then 10 minutes before we had to go, she decided we should stop at Leann Chins for dinner on the way to dance. This is a treat that she loves which we only do once in awhile as it adds up financially. I told her that we could maybe do it next week before dance, if she could control her behavior after school and that her behavior had not been good enough to go there tonight. Tantrums started all over again. I thought we might miss dance tonight (and we did the last two weeks due to my tonsillectomy). We made it, miraculously.

During dance class, I briefly overheard 2 moms talking about bullying in the class and one said she was going to talk to the instructor about it. I tried to talk to her to see if she knew who was doing the bullying but she didn't seem to have a name. I know that over a month ago, Akila called a little girl ugly on the girls birthday. Lovely. Even more lovely since I am the behind the scenes Office Manager for this dance studio which is owned by my best friend. I talked to my friend tonight about talking to the instructor more on how to handle Akila. It's always something.

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