Friday, November 9, 2007

Cheetos, Again

When will I learn. I must banish Cheetos from our lives. Yesterday morning, when trying to get the kids ready for school and myself ready for attending the FASD conference, Akila decided she should bring an entire bag of Hot Cheetos to school. I rarely buy Cheetos but someone shared some with her on the bus on Monday and she was begging for them and I used them as a reward. Dumb mommy. Anyway, I said I would put some in a baggie for her to take and have at lunch but she insisted on the whole bag. I explained why that would not be a good idea (inside fully knowing that she would be eating them on the bus, in the hallways, etc.) and that she could only bring a baggie. This was not good enough for her. I told her it was her only choice and tried to change the subject, distract her, ask her about the bump on her head or the cut on her leg (she is completely obsessed with all bumps, bruises and scraps)- but there was no heading this rage off. It was the worst one she has ever had. I just stood there watching her, thinking "I am going to this conference today no matter what Girl!!! I need it to deal with you better. How am I going to get you on the bus in 20 minutes." Yes, 20 minutes. Doesn't sound long, does it? But it really is when you are dealing with a child in full rage mode. She was whaling at the top of her lungs, on the floor screaming, kicking over furniture, shouting very hateful things, etc. I was worried that I might not be able to calm her down enough to get on the bus. Right as it was time to go to the bus stop, she finally conceded and would go with the baggie of Cheetos instead of the entire bag, but left out the door with a huge attitude saying that she hates me. My neighbor, Kathy (the lady who I have adopted as my mom), arrived right before this to watch Zeke before his bus came (so I could leave for the conference). She saw Akila's attitude and tried to hug it out of her. Wish that would work.

Needless to say, I was very relieved that she went. I went to the computer very quickly and sent her teacher an email warning her of our horrible morning and saying I hoped it would not spill into her day (yeah, right-dream on Barb). On my way to the conference, I had to call my friend Juli to vent about my morning (and it was only 8:00 a.m.). As I told her the story, she said to me "Isn't Cheetos what she called the police over a few years ago?" Ah, my memory sometimes blocks things out. In 1st grade, Akila came home from school and someone on the bus had shared Cheetos with her (what's up with this kid on the bus and Cheetos-I should look into this). She wanted me to go to the store immediately and buy her some. I told her no and she of course protested. About 20 minutes later, I received a call from the Mpls police saying they had just received a 911 call and had a hang up. I apologized and went to talk to Akila. She said she called the police because I wouldn't buy her Cheetos. I don't think I will ever again. Lock me up.


FAScinated said...

So glad to see you are blogging now! I was hoping you'd write about the Cheetos! ~Kari

Lisa said...

It is amazing what will set these kids off and what they obsess over! My 9 yo son is the same way. For awhile it was pbj for breakfast EVERY DAY (literally for years). It was such a battle that I gave in - I reasoned that it really wasn't that bad of a request. I continually offered him cereal, toast, eggs - you name it, NOPE, just a pbj (or two) and he was good to go. Now, I can usually talk him out of it, but we still have those days. I'll take any kind of progress at this point, no matter how minimal.

Sheri said...

Welcome! I too have an FAS child from adoption. Mine is 12 and he is also moderately mentally handicapped. Blogging was the best thing I ever did as it brought to me a wonderful community of those who deal with what I do daily. Kari hunted me down on the blogs and I have been a part ever since.

Thanks for sharing! It will help I promise. And don't worry about mistakes and misspelling, I don't *giggle.

Sheri said...

BY the way Dustin OBSSESSES over certain food too. And it drives me crazy!