Saturday, November 10, 2007

Soda Shower

I have spent the good part of today cleaning our mudroom. I noticed yesterday that the floor was really sticky and I asked Michael if he knew of a can of pop exploding in there. He said yes, Zeke had dropped one but he had wiped it up. Then today I noticed that the walls are sticky, as is the closet door and as I looked closer, everything in the entire room has been sprayed with pop. Michael said he didn't think it was the one he had helped Zeke clean up as it didn't really spray. Shortly after this conversation, Akila came in and said "Mom, I'm going to tell the truth. I "accidentally" shook up a can of pop and sprayed it in here." I said, thanks for telling me (as I fought the urge to yell like the psycho mom I can be). I had her help me to clean it for awhile as we talked about why it was a bummer that she did this.

Unfortunately, it was Sprite-which is invisible. I wish it were a Diet Coke so I could see where to clean. I'm still not done, have mopped the floor 3 times and it is still sticky. Of course, if I was more organized it would not be as major of a clean up. There was junk everywhere in there (bike helmets, nebulizer supplies, boombox, phone books, etc.), just lying on the floor. Coats hanging on the wall hooks have to all be washed. Thankfully we are going out for dinner as it is Hezekiah's 6th birthday today (after Imani's piano recital).

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