Friday, November 30, 2007

Date Night

Wow, I wish every night could be date night. We do date nights with our kids about every nine months or so. One kid gets to go out with mom and dad, pick a restaurant, an activity and one toy. Michael and I absolutely love these nights as the kids are always on their best behavior and are so fun to be with. Tonight was Akila's date night and she was heavenly!!!!

We went to the Mall of America and she chose Tony Roma's to eat at (with a little planting from mom). It turned out to be a great place as she loves barbecue and chose ribs and ate half of dad's barbecue chicken. Next, we rode rides which I love!! It is great that she and Imani are now tall enough to go on the big people rides. We rode the Timberland Twister (my favorite), the Mighty Axe (Akila's new favorite), the Ripsaw and the Log Chute. It was super fun, Akila and I screamed our heads off!!! Dad watched (he is not much of a rider, well, not one at all).

Then we went to Build A Bear Workshop for the first time and she got a bear. She was an absolute delight to be around all night and it was hard to not constantly be trying to point that out to her and talk about how we would always like her to behave in this way. Of course, we did a couple of times, but restrained a million times. It was an awesome evening and a gift from God to remind us how pleasant Akila truly is when her brain damage is not getting in the way. Thank you Lord.

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Sheri said...

I love Build-a-bear. I'm so glad you had a wonderful date night.