Sunday, November 18, 2007

Week-end Wrap-Up

Saturday was getting to be a very long day. I was quite thankful when Ashley came to get the kids just after 4:00 to take them to a movie and dinner. When they returned, it was very interesting to hear Ashley say that there was a noticeable difference in Akila's behavior from late last spring when she brought them out, to now. I have been feeling the same thing. Although, I usually feel that about every 3 months, Akila's challenging behavior has progressed and she is more difficult to deal with. I think this will be the pattern for the rest of our lives. One of the things that can drive us all crazy, is Akila's loudness. If anyone has figured anything out to get children like this to stop yelling, I would appreciate any suggestions. Akila is quite sensitive to smell and sounds, but is the loudest child herself. Go figure.

Today, Akila was at Anna's apartment getting her hair braided for nearly 4 hours (it didn't take quite that long, she had breaks to play with Amari). Needless to say, it was rather peaceful at our house this afternoon. It is always fun to pick Akila up as she is very excited about the new style she is sporting. Remember, Friday morning she was raging and violent over wanting a new hair do. So tonight, at bedtime, she lost it as her head is a bit sore from the new braids. Bedtime was not fun. She was on an emotional roller coaster, upset about her hair hurting, upset about not wanting me to leave her room, upset because she wants fake fingernails for Christmas, and on and on. She was practically manic. I didn't know if I would ever get out of her room. Thankfully, I did.

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Sheri said...

Dustin is a whiner. When he whines, I first say, I don't hear whining. If he continues, he gets ignored until he speaks appropriately. Sometimes it takes him repeating himslef 5-6 times before he realizes I won;t answer him if he whines.

We also use 1-2-3 magic alot at our house. Maybe this would work for yelling also.