Wednesday, November 2, 2011

3 restraints

Akila has been having a difficult time the last few weeks. After going 7 weeks without needing to be restrained, she has needed to be restrained 3 times in the last 10 days or so. Her physical aggressions went like this:
  • Week 1:0
  • Week 2: 0
  • Week 3: 1
  • Week 4: 1
  • Week 5: 6
  • Week 6: 16
  • Week 7: 14
  • Week 8: 18
  • Week 9: 19
Around week 6, that is when a med change was made so that is why most people think the behaviors changed. I think that is a small part of it. Week 6 is when she started to feel comfortable with the situation. That is when she started to realize that she wasn't going to be coming home the next day. She still complains and wants to come home, but she knows that it won't happen until at least the next team meeting (team meetings are every 2 weeks).

She will be there until for sure Nov. 11, and possibly Nov. 29th. It is obvious to everyone that we need more time to work on the meds, and we also need to hire a PCA (it is pretty hard for a PCA to sit for 2 months with no hours, so the one I was hoping would have the most hours, can now only do one day a week). Email me if you're interested, or know someone else who would be.

Last night I brought Akila to dance. The transport of Akila is usually not fun. She has mainly been goofy on the ride back to the crisis home, which I can understand. The thought of returning there would make me anxious if I were her. Last night, she was goofy on the way to dance. I prefer it this way if we have to have some goofiness. She was babbling about how God would not be happy with Michael and I for keeping her at the crisis home. She was talking about how we always accuse her of doing things and said she never accuses us of doing things. "How do you think it would feel to be accused all the time," she cried. Eventually I stopped communicating with her. She was making no sense. This made her mad.

Eventually, she quieted down and after about 5 minutes of silence, apologized. She has been better at doing that lately. I hope that continues when she returns home. Being the skeptical mom who has been burnt so many times, it is hard to know if it is really genuine. I think she wants to come home so bad that she is thinking about that when she apologizes. But this is a huge step for her. Often, she is not able to think ahead like that.

On a really positive note, Friday is the end of the quarter and Akila is doing really well in school. She has 2 A's , 3 B's and 1 C-. I'm sure there might be some change by Friday, but that is what the online site says right now. That is amazing. I am very proud of her and told her so last night. She is very proud of herself also, as she should be!!!


Blessed said...

Barb, your writing is greatly appreciated--and I am so glad Akila and your family have such a resource available. And those grades are terrific!

tracy said...

I'm with you on why the behaviors are increasing. The kids can only hold it together in a new situation for so long...the honeymoon factor.

I'm so glad she is staying for a longer assessment.