Sunday, November 13, 2011

Not what I expected to find...

When we went to pick Akila up for church this morning, I went with her into her bedroom while she was finishing getting ready. I grabbed her backpack to look through it for the missing money and she went ballistic. I told her I just wanted to get the fundraiser info so I could turn it in, but she wouldn't have anything to do with it. She obviously had something to hide in it.

On Friday after I found out she had "lost" the money from the fundraiser, I talked to one of the lead staff at the home and asked them to be on the lookout for the money. I also asked them to check through her room on Sunday when we had her at church. After she acted very suspicious, I asked the staff to for sure check through her backpack and told them how she was acting.

Akila was on edge today, kind of the typical Akila. Just about every Sunday, after we leave church, she is trying to remember the name of some of the songs they sang in Sunday School. When we don't know the name of the song, after she tells us 4 or 5 words, she gets very upset. Name that Tune is pretty hard with only a few words, no melody (she doesn't sing it, she just says something like "Christ Alone" and thinks we will come up with it). We had many guesses, but none of them satisfied her, although I am pretty sure we guessed the right song. It is not a game for her, she actually wants to know the title and doesn't. This causes much angst. Even when we are positive, tell her it sounds like a great song, tell her we know the song she is talking about but can't think of the title. Nothing matters to her except if we come up with the title, the right title in her mind at least. It is really fun.

Today, while she was getting upset, Zeke said something insightful. He said, "Akila, when we spend time with you, the purpose is to enjoy you. Not so you can be angry." She agreed, but kept on her pursuit of Name that Tune.

After we had lunch, and brought her back to the home, we all went inside to see a puzzle she has been working on. As Michael and the kids were in her room, the staff brought me aside and told me what they found in her backpack. A pack of cigarettes. NOT what I was expecting. I didn't even say anything to her. I need to, but am avoiding it as she is going to get yucky on the phone. But I guess I can just hang up. Maybe I'll call her now.

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robyncalgary said...

ugh :( not fun

interesting insight from zeke