Thursday, November 17, 2011


Akila really has had an awesome week so far, and I am so thankful!!!! She started on a new med on last Friday, and has a great behavior streak going that started on Saturday. I really do think it has something to do with the meds, not just a fluke.

Tonight, she was in a great mood on the phone, both times. The last call, she put one of the staff on the phone who told us that she has had a great night, been cooperative, enjoyable and working hard. She said she hasn't worked this week yet, but when she worked last week with Akila, she struggled greatly with her. She said it was like Akila was a different child.

Oh how I pray this can continue. It is amazing how much hope this can give you. As I have been very honest and open with, I am not convinced. We have had too many let downs over the years, and I have learned to protect my heart from let downs. But I am hopeful. I know God can do amazing things, and work wonders. I have ultimate faith in Him.

I am also experienced enough with medications, to know that even if this med is helping her right now, it more than likely will not always. The majority of meds seem to wear off eventually, or their effect is not as strong long term. But even if this med gives her a good month, or a couple of good months, it is worth it. We are in survival mode, and we will take what we can get. Right now, I am just happy to hear good reports, after several weeks of rough reports, and lots of restraints.

On another note, I don't think I mentioned that our minivan broke down last week. We actually had an appt for this Monday to have it looked at. The lights on the dashboard started flashing on and off all the time about two weeks ago, so we made the appt. Plus, the steering wheel has been shaking for over 6 months and gradually getting worse. Then, last Tuesday, the van went dead and we had to have it towed in. Oh yeah, and over the weekend before it went dead, it started to sound really loud like a race car, and exhaust/muffler problem probably. Great.

During our current situation of unemployment, having one car is not so hard from a time perspective, since Michael doesn't need a car to get to work. But it royally stinks more than normal from a financial perspective. There was just one day last week when i had to get Akila to a Dr. appt, which was at the same time Michael had an interview. Dorothy and Robert were kind enough to let us use their extra vehicle for the day. Other than that, it has worked just fine having just one car.

We have a local garage that we have found where we love to go, when we have to. The two guys who run it are top notch, very ethical, and very fair priced. Turned out, the alternator they put in it in June was faulty so they replaced it at no charge since it was under warranty. But we also needed new engine mounts, all 3 of them, and that was not an easy process. $650 later, it is running. But it is still super loud. He said that the shaking from the bad engine mounts, effected the exhaust. It is totally fine to drive, and we can decide when to replace it in the future. So basically, you will know when we are arriving anywhere, as it is fairly loud. Fits right in our neighborhood!

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the johnson crew said...

Dear Barb, I am sorry I forgot all about Mike being unemployed. I will be praying for God's provision of a job. That is so hard.

That is encouraging that Akila is having a good week.

And sorry about the van. i bet you sound so cool driving through the "hood."