Thursday, November 3, 2011

Kitty Kat Club

Julie, Dorothy and I went out tonight, it was great fun. We normally have been meeting in Elijah's hospital room, or in the apartment by the U of MN where Julie is having to stay with Elijah now. Tonight, Julie had a nurse on and we went out!

Today, I was trying to find a place where we could go out. I really wanted a coffee shop style place with comfie seating, but one that is open later. I was googling restaurants with couches, and places like that. I found a place in Dinkytown at the U of MN which is called the Kitty Kat Club, check it out- the pictures don't even do it justice and they look amazing!

It was the coolest looking place on the inside, we were stunned. There is a huge room with different seating areas with old couches and chairs, and antiques everywhere. We got there earlier than normal, 8:00 and it was great. Had some diet cokes and french fries (from Annie's Parlor- it is under Annies, and they share the kitchen and just get food from Annies), and good conversation. Until the band started. Then it got kind of loud, and we moved down the street to a coffee shop that is open until midnight. Then we got kicked out of there. So we ended much earlier than normal, often we hang out until 2 am or later.

It was pretty fun to get out and to be in such a cool place. The atmosphere was great, I'm sure it is different on a weekend!! It's just too bad the band chased us out!! I guess we should have just gotten up and danced, now that would have been entertainment for those youngsters!


Suzie Thomas said...

My preference for kitchen countertops go towards the medium to darker colors for the reason that they tend to hide stains from spills better if they end up penetrating the sealant, but provided that you're happy using the end result and you stick to the maintenance directions you are going to be ok.

Blessed said...

Um, I'll leave a comment that is not spam. (Suzie????)

I'm so glad for your luxe girl's night! You three women are on my heart, and since I know how time with Godly women rejuvinates my spirit, I am just so glad you are getting some. May the warm fuzzies linger the rest of this week!

Julie said...

I have been laughing about going to the Kitty kat Klub all day! Thanks for finding it for was just what I needed!

tracy said...

The place looks super cool.