Friday, November 18, 2011

Pointing the finger

Akila is easily offended, and it is really difficult to deal with. She was offended last night because of the after school bus driver. She actually kept on complaining that he "abused" her. She is so going to get us, or someone else in big trouble someday with a false allegation. She was screaming that a staff was raping her last week while he restrained her. Can you say ticking time bomb?

Yesterday, the bus driver would not start to drive until the kids cleaned up some kind of mess they had made on the bus. I am not very clear on the situation, as over the phone, Akila gets rambling and mumbling, and is very difficult to understand. But he would not leave, and said he would sit there until it was dark. She feels this was abuse. I explained to her that is not abuse, and if they had made a mess, they did need to clean it up.

The comment about staying there until it was dark, is what seemed to put her over the edge. I explained this was just a figure of expression, that he was making a point that he would wait as long as it took for them to clean up the mess. But she did not get this at all.

Then there is a student at school who told her to shut up. She is very offended. This student also takes dance at the studio I work for and where Akila takes dance. She thinks I should kick her out of dance. I explained that I could not do this, and explained all the reasons. She of course disagreed, and said I was abusing her by not kicking this student out of dance. We went round and round. I tried to change the subject, to no avail. I also explained that she has done a lot worse at dance and has never been kicked out. She of course disagrees.

Today at school, something happened with a student also. I have no idea what, as she was so irrate as she was explaining it to me on the phone, that I did not understand any of it. But she was mad at her aide also, who was "rude" to her. She also gets going on the staff at the crisis home, and how rude they all are.

This is such a hard thing to deal with, as she would honestly sit and complain about others actions for hours. She just cannot see that it was her actions that usually caused others to have to do something that annoys her, or something she thinks is unfair or rude. Right now, when she is like this on the phone, and I can't distract her, I hang up. I'm not sure if that is the right thing to do, but I do it. Soon, I won't have that option.

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