Friday, November 4, 2011

A Legislator

Last weekend, our local state legislator Bobby Champion was door knocking, and he came to our door. I listened to his spiel about light rail in North Minneapolis. Then, he graciously listened to my spiel on FASD. To his credit, he was a little bit familiar with FASD. He had some ideas about working with the churches to get the word out.

He even said to give him a call if I wanted to work with him on this. Well, what do you think? Am I going to call? YES!!!! I told the MOFAS Policy person at the MOFAS Annual Meeting on Wednesday night also (right before I went to the Kitty Kat Club- Meooowww!). She was excited and wanted to make the connection with me.

I mentioned to Mr. Champion that I believe FASD is what is causing so many issues in our community. The gangs, prostitution, drugs, etc. I watch my neighbors, I see pregnant women drinking, I see young people and adults who have all the behaviors of a prenatally exposed person, and I know we need to hit neighborhoods like mine HARD!!!! I am not saying that we don't need to hit middle and upper class suburbia also, we do. I especially see the light to moderate social drinking that is effecting tons of unborn babies. But in my neighborhood, I am seeing heavy to severe drinking effecting unborn babies (again, I know it happens everywhere, but I believe it is happening at an alarmingly high rage here).

I am excited that I may have found someone who will join "our" team. I just have to follow through. And I will!!!

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tracy said...

I agree, the more I look around the more FASD I see in our community.