Sunday, November 6, 2011

Anticipating non-school days with joy

LinkThere is no school tomorrow. Normally, I start dreading a non-school day a few weeks before it arrives. It has been a strange phenomena while Akila is staying at the crisis home to not have this feeling of dread lurking up on me.

I actually look forward to these days lately. Unfortunately, when Akila is home, a non-school day means another full day (vesided the weekends), of putting out fires, staying off rages, protecting the other 3 kids and other fun things like that. Tomorrow, we are going to have a playdate with another family and get out of the house and do fun things, without having to worry about issues that may arise. Not saying we won't have any issues, but they will be the typical kind. Another thing I look forward to on a non-school day, is that I get to sleep in. When Akila is home, she is my alarm clock. I am a night owl and not a morning person, so this is a true treat.

I know that Akila will be coming home either at the end of this week or within a few weeks, but I am making sure to try to get as much out of this break as possible. I know things are going to change immensely when she returns. And as much as I have truly enjoyed this break, and am so grateful for it, there is still a part of me that longs for Akila to come home so I, or we, can feel whole again. I will easily feel differently after she has returned and starts beating on us again.

A sidenote- please keep us in your prayers as it pertains to employment. Michael is still unemployed (since Aug 15) and he has two interviews this week. Pray for wisdom if he is offered either of the jobs, as they are both below the pay range he is looking for. But God knows what we need to be sustained. It would be a real blessing in timing for him to have a job before Akila returns home.

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