Friday, November 11, 2011

Stupid school fundraisers

Yes, I just used the word stupid in my title, but with good reason. I hate school fundraisers. Let me clarify, I mean the ones where they want the kids to sell "crap"; over priced trail mix, frozen cookie dough, trinkets, etc. I think they are stupid, and I can't hide my emotions about them. I believe I probably blog about them every year, but I am too lazy to go back and look.

I think that I mentioned withing the last few weeks that Akila called me on the night that the school handed out the fundraiser info. She was gung ho on selling it and the staff had told her that they don't do it, she would have to do it with her parent. I think she wanted to go door to door. When she called me, I reminded her that we never participate in these fundraisers. I always do a straight donation to the school, as they get MORE money that way, instead of getting the 20% or whatever it is that they get from the sales. Won't be doing it this year due to our current unemployment situation, but I have every year.

Plus, in a larger family, there is now way for each kid to sell enough stuff to get the STUPID prizes that get them so excited about. Who out there wants to give my kids a limo ride, so they can stop being obsessed with selling crap to get a limo ride!!!!!!! So dumb on so many levels. Then add a special needs kid into the mix, and it is a horrific situation.

Anyways, I reminded Akila how we never participate in them, and she just fought with me. Eventually, I had to hang up. Later, she was restrained. The instigator of a horrible evening, once again, was this stupid fundraiser. Have I mentioned yet that I think it is stupid? I'm a little obsessed with that word tonight, forgive me.

Tonight, Akila tells me that she lost two five dollar bills. What? I asked what she was talking about. She sold something out of the "stupid" book (I'm calling it that, not her-shocking) to her after school teacher. She now can't find the money. Perfect. I tried to get her to think of where she put it,but she kept getting mad. I also tried to remind her that this is one of the reasons why we don't participate in the fundraiser. It is too hard to keep track of the money. Now, more than likely, I am going to have to pay $10 to order this teacher's item.

I will repeat it again. Stupid school fundraiser!!!!


Julie said...

Hey, Barb, I have a happenings book I want to sell know that outdated $35.00 book that is now replaced by groupon! ...AND groupon and it's cousins are all free! Stinkin' stupid fundraisers..that is what I would like to call them.
One year, the school just ask for $25.00 a family..that is so much better than dealling with the hassles of fundraisers!!

Kari said...

We don't do the fundraisers either. The last thing I need to encourage my kids with FASD to do is solicit money from friends, neighbors and family.

Anonymous said...

I also think that school fundraisers are a absolute waste. Public schools in this country get so much funding. WHERE DOES IT ALL GO? Teachers make good money too. Yet in Chicago, they went on strike and left all those kids hanging. Stupid Teacher Unions are what is ruining our schools, making them wasteful and asking for more.

There are many many private school around the country that run on less funding but get better achievement in students.

Greenville, SC

Alistar Johnson said...

Such an interesting article, thanks for sharing! I've recently discovered Tony Charalambides fundraising blog - you should check it out!

Piers Lyman said...

Those fundraisers are very helpful to those who are in need.