Sunday, November 13, 2011

Serving families w/special needs children- a unique idea

I just got an email from a family in our church that is trying to serve families living with special needs children. A small group of families is banding together to provide a date night for families like ours. How cool is that? I am in tears at the mere thought of this.

Often it is hard for people, families, staff, agencies, etc., to figure out how to truly support and help families that are living with special children. People want to help, but don't quite know how. This is an awesome idea of how to support families like ours, and I am so thankful to God that people out there are praying for us, and trying to find unique ways to support us.

I learned when my mom was sick 6 plus years ago, to not turn down help. I learned that when people say, "let me know how we can help", this usually means they have no idea how to help- and rarely it means that they also don't want to get involved (the majority of people really want to help, but just don't know how, or feel uncomfortable). I have learned to suggest a specific thing or two I am willing and capable of doing when I think someone needs help. I also think it is a blessing to "allow" someone to serve you or help you. I know that when I offer to help someone, I truly mean it and feel better when I am allowed to serve someone.

I am so excited that this small group has found a way to "walk the talk" of a Christian. They are not talking about it, they are doing something. I have politely declined as the date night is next week when Akila is still at the crisis home. Michael and I have been able to get out several times during this respite as the kids can stay home for a few hours and take care of themselves now. I guarantee that if she were at home, I would be all over this wonderful invitation.

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