Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I forgot to mention the fun we had driving home from dance tonight. I had packed snacks in her dance bag before she got home from school. Dance is from 4:30-6. I had a meal in the slow cooker as the boys had football starting at 6:00, Imani had piano at 7, Zeke finished football at 7:30 and went to piano at 7:30, Hezekiah finished football at 8, Michael was running around crazy.

So, I was trying to get home after dance to eat the meal in the slow cooker. We have made the decision that in the month of September, we can not eat out at all. No fast food. No restaurants. No coffee shops. No gas station food. Nothing like that. On the way to dance, Akila was hungry. I tried to get her to eat a snack before we left, with no success. I did not push it as I had put several snacks in her dance bag- only to learn that she had taken them out while changing into her dance clothes.

Not to worry. I am sometimes prepared for all situations. I had two different kinds of emergency snacks in the car (impressed?). She did not want either. After dance, on the way home, she wanted to go to McD's, immediately. I replied to her in a french accent. She laughed hysterically.

The entire 25 minute drive home, I tried every accent I could think of- and they were horrible. She kept on coming back to the double cheeseburger that she desperately wanted, but I was able to distract her each time. She really liked my Norwegian accent, it made her laugh really hard. I had to perform for the neighborhood kids when we got home even, that's how good I am.

Anyway, I wish things like this would always work. It is not the first time I have tried something like this. But it is the first time the accent thing worked. I will have to work hard not to over use it. Don't cha tink dat would be a bad ting? ( I don't know how to spell in Norwegian either).


Kari said...

I love it! You're such a great mom. ~Kari

GB's Mom said...

Good idea- I'll have to brush up on my accents :)

Linda B said...