Monday, September 13, 2010


We had the PCA assessment today. We qualified for 21 hours a week. I don't know if that is good in the realm of things, but it sounds absolutely fantastic to me. I have had a skip in my step tonight. It will take me several weeks to get something set up, but we start accruing hours today. I can't tell you what an answer to prayers this is.

I had to pick Akila up from school at 12:30 for the meeting. This was very hard for me to do. Just seems wrong. Ha. She was in typical Akila form during the meeting. The nurse did not ask her any questions, or ask her to be in the room with us. Akila was in and out the entire hour. At one point, she walks into the dining room with a stack of credit cards. I had locked up my wallet in the safe so I had to go see if I left it open or what. She had been digging in some drawers in the kitchen and found some old ones that had never been activated. I had a little tussle to get them away. Perfect.

Then she requested some lemonade, this was after I had just made her some popcorn. We are out of lemonade. She got quite upset. Quite. She was starting to escalate, but did not go too horribly far. Just far enough. Then she kept on going outside and I was having to stand in the window to watch her. The nurse asked if she is always this demanding. I said she hasn't seen anything yet.

At one point, the nurse asked me if we have a DD (Developmentally Delayed- I think) Case Worker. I laughed. I called Hennepin County last week to request one and was given the run around. I have been planning on calling again and hoping to get a different person. This nurse told me it might be a good idea to have the school social worker refer us. Maybe a quicker in. Not sure.

My favorite part of the assessment, was when the nurse asked me if I was a single parent. I said no, I have a husband. I was starting to say that he works a lot of late hours, but Akila was in the next room yelling that I am divorced. What? News to me. Especially since we have never mentioned divorce, and we don't even really argue. Akila thought it was hilarious and came into the room with a big smile trying to convince her that I am divorced. It was kind of funny. I'm sure the nurse had no idea what to think. Maybe it helped my case, being a single mom and all.


GB's Mom said...

I am so glad you are getting help!!!

the johnson crew said...

21 hours is really good, especially with all the budget cuts and tighter restrictions. and when she is in school you you only need one in the evenings/weekends. we used a really good PCA agency in hopkins "Acra Care" or something like that. They paid the PCA $12 per hour which was really good compared to the other agencies - and they hired the people i requested.

hope you get a PCA helping soon. Glad to hear this good news.