Tuesday, September 14, 2010


The band program is recruiting again at school. I had to delete the word stupid in front of band program. I love the band program. Imani is in it, the teacher is great. But every year, when they go to the classes, hand out the letter, we have an issue with Akila about joining band.

We usually just talk about how Akila is the dancer, and Imani, Hezekiah and Zeke are the band players (they all 3 take piano and Imani started the clarinet last year). Akila tried piano when she was younger. Her dyspraxia makes it very difficult, not to mention all the behavioral issues around practicing an instrument. Her neuro-psychologist even said after her testing that instruments would not be a good idea- which made me feel better as I felt lazy when we quit piano.

Anyway, tonight, she got out of bed after being tucked in, to go to her back pack and get the letter. She wants to join. I said dad and I would talk about it. Bedtime is not the time to say no. So, once again, we will have try to put the positive spin on it (which is truly a true spin), where we say that the Clark band consists of 3 musicians and a dancer. Every real band needs a gifted dancer.

If this doesn't work this year, I may have to try the cell phone trick. When she gets begging for a cell phone, I tell her that if she can give me one week of no raging, no name calling, no hitting/kicking, I will get her a cell phone as she will have proved to me that she is mature enough to handle one. Once again, I truly would get her one if she accomplished this. I may have to say the same thing with band. One week of no raging, and she can join band.

I know, I'm cruel. But it works.

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Linda B said...

If you can figure out a cure for the "gotta be in the band" blues, please share it. Our H.S. band is really good so it is very popular at school. Now that Andrew is in H.S. he insists he can do band. He wants to be in the marching band. It is such a frustrating thing for him and me.