Sunday, September 19, 2010

Broken things

Our life is so full of broken things. Some days, it seems to be our spirit, but mostly, it is our stuff. I am actually in good spirits today, but Akila has been struggling on and off. I am thankful that the Lord has given me the patience today, and that Michael let me run a few errands alone.

Unfortunately, when I was running errands, Akila lost it. I don't know all that occurred (as Michael is now running errands), but I know that my Swifter Sweeper thingie was broken. Yesterday, she broke the cord for my laptop. At least I am praying that is what is broken, and not the plug in part of the laptop.

She was escalating yesterday, so I quickly scooped up both of our laptops which were in the living room. I just pulled the cords out of the laptop and left the cords. As I was leaving the room, Akila had my cord and was using it as a whip. She whipped it against a table a few times. Low and behold, it will not plug into my laptop any longer although it looks normal.

Michael is out trying to replace it right now. We have been fortunate, as she has not really destroyed a high priced item yet or anything that is really precious. We have holes in walls, an electrical outlet that she kicked in, a broken window, and tons of other items she has destroyed, but nothing that is really hard to lose- yet. I say yet again, as I know it is coming. I handle things better when I know in the back of my head they will come some day. And if those things don't happen, then I am very happy to have been wrong- but I don't think that has ever happened yet.

I actually am wrong. One of the most precious things in our life is broken. My sweet Akila's brain. And I need to constantly remind myself that it is not her fault.


Linda B said...

The most precious thing DQ destroyed for me were my deceased mom's jewelry. She went through my drawers, took them to school and sold them. They weren't worth much to anyone else, but irreplaceable to me. Lock up what you can. Wish I could do it over again.

GB's Mom said...

We, too, have our share of broken things. Some of the things broken hurt at the time, but as I look back, things are just that things. If something, like the cross from my mom, is important enough that I know I would be upset, I take a picture of that item. The hurt in the brain in an FASD child is the biggest hurt I have experienced.

Betsy said...

Amen! Praise the Lord for perspective. I am praying it will be that way when a precious earthly possession is broken.
Yes, you are so right in the most precious thing that is broken is her brain. Yet, Akila (and all our kids) are perfect in God's sight and so perfect in our sight.