Friday, September 10, 2010

Two decent days

Four days of horrific raging, Sunday-Wednesday. Thursday and Friday, she did not really rage, not horridly at least, not to the point of restraining. I am so relieved.

Yesterday after school, I could tell right away she was in a better place emotionally. Today, she was a bit on edge, but not bad. We did go to the Psychiatrist in the morning and have a new med plan we are going to try. I just hate the trial and error phase and the fact that we have to prove to the stupid insurance company that the lame meds don't work before we can get the ones we all know will work better, but are more expensive.

Our two neighbor kids came over tonight after school to play and Akila handled it well until about 7:00, which is pretty good. Their mom was over for awhile talking to me about her FAS daughter who is currently in residential treatment, when Akila started to lose it. I said it was time for them to go home, and Akila came down to talk to me. She was mad and starting to slowly escalate, but she was happy I was telling them it was time for them to leave so she did not escalate too far. Just far enough to call their mom an F-ing B. Lovely. At least she lives it and gets it.

I woke up this morning really early with the beginning of a migraine. I use to get one every one to two months and have only had one in the last two years since I saw a neurologist who put me on high doses of vitamin D and magnesium. I have been bad lately at taking my vitamins as I cut down in the summer due to sun exposure. Have to get back in the habit. I got up and took 4 Aleves (which he told me to do), used a Rx nasal spray for migraines, and drank a mountain dew (which he also told me to do). Headache was mostly gone by 9 am and totally gone by 11. Thanks be to God!!

The best news of the week, is that the county called me yesterday to set up the PCA assessment and it is scheduled for Monday- I figured we were over a month away from this appt. I know that it will still take quite awhile, but I am so hopeful.

Akila starts dance on Monday also. She will have dance twice a week, on Mondays and Tuesdays. She is going to try pointe ballet. This will be interesting. It has been a dream of hers forever, but it is such a disciplined form of dance that we are not sure how she will do. I have hired two teen dancers to assist her in class (which mostly means to make sure she is not being mean to other dancers). I really hope she is able to make it as she is a good dancer, and it is kind of her thing. It is one thing she is good at, that we can encourage her on and help to build her self esteem in.


the johnson crew said...

glad she is having some better days. doe she need to be there to meet the PCA nurse?

Preston had a GREAT week at school. I cried all last night because I was so proud of him. - I did start him on the vitamin regiment with the Amega 3 fish oil, etc... two weeks ago. maybe that is helping him. Praising God anyways.

And that is quite the migrane remidy you take. i have been taking Vitamin D like you told me to and I do believe it has helped... that and claritin and coffee.

miss you barb.

GB's Mom said...

Oh, I hope Akila can handle the pointe- it is so important to encourage what they are good at. I am happy that a PCA is heading in your direction! {{{Hugs}}} for the three lousy days.