Sunday, September 26, 2010

Cinderella moment

We had a cinderella moment on Friday. Our school has uniforms, which I love! But Friday is called Freestyle Friday if you have turned in your homework. Somehow they work it out so Akila almost always gets Freestyle Friday even though she doesn't do homework.

Imani, is somewhat tomboyish. She typically doesn't care what she is wearing, and it is never very flashy our unique. Jeans and a tshirt kind of a girl. Friday, she was feeling unique. She put on black leggings with a purple velvet skirt that was from a dance recital on top of it and a purple shirt. She looked cute. She even said before she left for the bus that everybody would be surprised because they have never seen her in a skirt.

They were starting out the door for the bus, three of them were around the corner and I was still helping Hezekiah find all of his stuff, when Imani came running back crying. She had a barrette in her hair, one she had found in the hall that had purple ribbons on it, and had put it in her dread locks.

Akila noticed the barrette, and went berserk as it is hers. She tried ripping it out of Imani's hair. It totally reminded me of the cinderella scene where the step sisters are ripping her dress apart after they see it is made of their discarded items. It was so sad, my heart broke for Imani who was so proud of the outfit she had put together.

We did not have that much time to deal with it and process it before the bus came, but after school she seemed totally fine about it and said it was no big deal. But I know that things like this can start to break you down after awhile. Imani is a precious and sweet child and I need to think of some more things to make sure that she knows this.

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GB's Mom said...

Not the kind of Cinderella moment you want for your daughter :(