Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Paving new ground

I am a trail blazer. I am the first parent to ask our band teacher to discourage their child from joining band. I am so proud of myself. Ha. Not something I ever imagined I would be doing as a parent.

I emailed the band teacher today, just to give her the heads up on our situation with Akila in case Akila is trying to "work her" on this joining band thing. I know Akila well. Of course, she told the teacher today she was joining band and going to play the trumpet. The teacher said "great!", not knowing the situation. She said she is going to think about it and maybe have Akila's aide have Akila out of the classroom doing something important when they come to do the instrument demo's.

Obviously, we are the ones responsible for Akila and her decisions, but it is very helpful to have the school staff backing us up. I was foreseeing a situation where we were telling Akila no, and she was telling the teacher we said yes, and it getting kind of silly. Once again, I need to say how much I appreciate our school and the great staff. Whenever I have some goofy request like this, it doesn't seem to phase them, even if it is a new request.

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