Wednesday, September 17, 2008

After school fun

Well, I should have knocked on wood or something from my post earlier today. Akila did not come home on the bus today. I wonder why I get migraines.

The 3 kids came running off the bus to tell me that Akila did not ride it home. My kids go to a school in downtown Minneapolis which buses kids from all over Minneapolis, and 10 west metro suburbs. Fun. I went inside and called the school to see if they could help me track her down. While on hold as they were calling the bus company, my other line rang and it was a cell phone number. I answered it and it was Akila at a girls house over in South Mpls, we live North. Her mom got on the phone and told me her address.

We were going to dance after school today, but Michael was home early so I left the other three with him, went and got Akila and went straight to dance. I can't tell you how mad I was. I couldn't even talk to her about it as we were driving to dance I was so mad. She knew it too. After dance, Michael talked with her, gave her the punishment that she cannot leave our yard for the next week, and if she does, we will take away her beloved bear for two days so she can understand how sad and scared we were without her when she did not come home after school. Way to go dad, a pretty good consequence I thought. With one of my other kids, I think they might make the connection, not sure Akila will, but still a good one.

The challenge to it, is that she is obsessed with this bear and has a horrific time winding down and going to bed without it. And I can practically guarantee that she will leave our yard in the next week, not intentionally, but will forget that this is her punishment. I will work really hard to remind her of this rule for the next week, I don't want her to lose the bear.

A funny note, as I was eating some crackers tonight, I couldn't figure out why my tongue seemed like I had burned it on coffee or soup. I was trying to think of what I had consumed in the last day or so that would have burnt my tongue. Then I started laughing when I remembered the cayenne pepper I consumed this morning in an attempt to get rid of my migraine. I am feeling better, but am really praying that it will be totally gone tomorrow, just in time for my dentist appt. I am glad this day is almost over.


Monica said...

I know how you feel. My daughter refused to get on the bus one day and took off from school instead. Since she rides the special ed bus, they called me and said she was headed to some boy's house. At least when I found her out walking she got in the car. She's been known to run the other way.

I just found your blog and enjoy reading it. Your kids are beautiful!

creative gal said...

I love your blog. Will be praying for you and your family! I Will be back.