Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Turned Down the Perfect Job

I forgot to write about a job that I still can't believe I turned down. I use to work with a guy named Peter who I have remained friends with and loved working with. We worked together in the Bloomington Schools and also when he directed Camp Icaghowan, a YMCA camp that I use to use for some of my youth programs. He now works at a charter high school in Coon Rapids as a teacher.

He called me the first week of school wondering if I might want to work there 4 afternoons a week doing youth development kind of stuff with the students. I went last week and met with the Director, Peter's friend whom I have met before and like. I told him I didn't want to work 4 days a week as I am trying to re-energize, get organized and do a million other things now that all 4 of my kids are in school. He said two days a week would be fine, he would be totally flexible, it sounded perfect. I love the school, I know and like at least 4 staff already, it is a school year schedule, everything I needed. I would have plenty of time to get home in time for the kids, it would just be 11:30-2 twice a week, more if I wanted.

I thought about it for a week, went back and forth, thought I was going to accept and then realized the timing just is not right. I have been too excited about having some time to get organized, time to clean, time to cook, time to try to be more creative in my approaches to Akila, etc. I think if this opportunity came up next school year, or even in January, after I have had some time, the decision would have been much easier.

I just can't believe I turned it down. It was a perfect fit. Just not the perfect time.

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Amy said...

I was just thinking last night I wanted to email you and ask you about that job interview!

Is it something that will stay open or will they fill it with someone else? Maybe it will still be there after you've had some time for you. :)