Thursday, September 4, 2008

Daily Shots

Last week, we started giving Akila the daily injection of a growth hormone (to help her grow due to her Turner Syndrome). It is going really well. It helps that she is a goofball and absolutely loves shots. We have a difficult time getting her to brush her teeth each night but it has been going well this last week. I am bribing her. She can't get her shot until she brushes her teeth. She flies up the stairs to brush her teeth. I know, that sounds really weird, I think so also. Here are some pictures of her getting her shot, she wanted us to take pictures last night.

Oh yeah, look at her hair, I did it!!! Our neighbor was suppose to do it on Sunday evening and she no-showed. This almost killed me as Akila was antsy all day and when she did not come home, I had to do it. And it was late by that time. This was my first attempt at extensions and it isn't too bad. :)


party of eight said...

barb, you are AMAZING! i can't wait to see it in person. wow. i have so much to learn. (you and i should get together and start a salon together LOL... we can call it "Big White Mama's" or something like that! LOL!

Deni said...

My brother did these shots! My only advice to you is wait until she is done with them if you ever need to pursue anything orthodontic. He started his shots in 9th grade right after he had gotten his braces off, and all of that growth of course also applies to your mouth - so it messed them all back up again. Expensive oversight, to have to go back through braces again!