Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Last Day of Summer

On the last day of summer, otherwise known as Labor Day, I took the kids to swim at Lake Harriet. This is Imani's lake (my kids middle names are after Mpls. lakes) and the last one we needed to hit before summer is over. Zeke's buddy Jonah went with and we had a good time. Hezekiah found a baby turtle at some point and we put it in a bucket to play with for a bit. I told them this would be OK, but that we would not be taking it home. I'm sure it would have been dead within a day at our house.

Well, what fun it was. Akila couldn't stand it. She was completely out of whack as she thought we should release it immediately so it wouldn't die (can you tell we have unintentionally killed a few of God's creatures this summer?). The entire time it was in the bucket while the 5 kids watched it, she was losing it. I could not get her to calm down about it, she wanted it gone. I was in a bit of a quandary as I wanted her to settle down and I knew it would not happen until the turtle was free, but I couldn't do that to the other kids. Let me just say that time was going very slowly and I could not wait to free the turtle from it's misery (or should I say mine).

Here are a couple of pictures of the kiddos and the turtle, they named spikey.

Isn't my Hezekiah handsome!!

One last joyful thing I need to share. The kids were taking baths (did I mention that is what we all have been doing, since our bathroom with the shower is torn apart, I hate baths!) and Imani and Zeke were taking one together; until Zeke threw up in the bathtub. Poor Imani, I can't believe that didn't make her throw up. Did I mention that we had just returned from the Olive Garden? Anyway, sounds like he just choked on some water Imani poured over his head, but he was pretty freaked out. I don't think he has really ever thrown up. Here is a cute picture of him 30 minutes later, he was very upset.

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party of eight said...

adorable pictures! i love the one with all the kids.

poor zeke... poor imani!