Friday, September 26, 2008

Benefit for Bernard's Kids

Some of you may remember my post from April when my friend Bernard died. I went to a meeting at the NYLC where I use to work yesterday, to help plan a fundraiser for Bernard's four kids. I wanted to put a little bit of information here for those of you who are local and could possibly attend. Please attend, whether you knew him or not. I would love to see you all.

It will be on Saturday, October 25 from 5-10 pm in St. Paul by the State Fairgrounds. There is going to be various musical entertainment and a variety of food offered, mainly desserts and appetizers. The suggested donation for entry will be $10, and the food will be for sale as well. More info to come on the details.

Bernard's oldest child, Geoffrey is 20 years old and a sophomore at Augsburg College. He has moved back home and is taking guardianship of two of his sisters who are in 8th and 10th grade. His other sister is 18 and a freshman at the University of Minnesota. I met last night with Geoffrey, and am amazed at all that he has had to take on. We met at 9:30, after he had gotten home from his 10th grade sister's volleyball game. He is having to work with a lawyer to get the kids names on the title of the house, having to turn in his dad's vehicle next month which is leased, trying to buy a car this weekend, trying to provide healthy meals, and the list goes on. I can't imagine having to do all of this at the age of 20, he just turned 20.

I am organizing a group of people who will be delivering groceries/meals to the kids on a regular basis as well. If you're interested in helping with this, email me. If you'd like to attend the fundraiser, email me as well.

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Amy said...

How awful that those kids lost both parents- but what a testament to their parenting that they are all caring for each other. They must have done their job right.
This family is in my prayers today, I hope that the fundraiser is a huge success.