Tuesday, September 2, 2008


I was in Willmar a few weeks ago and stopped by to see the Poss family. Dr. Poss had emailed me that he had found some stilts that we kids had played with in the neighborhood I grew up in and that I could have them. He and I had talked about them when we visited him on the Fourth of July. I stopped by to get them, and he had made two more pair so I came home with three pair of stilts.

What memories they bring back!!! Imani especially likes them, but Akila is getting pretty good on them as well. Hezekiah is the type who if he can't do something right away, he doesn't want to do it forever, and then he will finally learn. That is how he was with riding a bike. All the neighborhood kids have enjoyed them though, here is a picture of Imani on them. Thanks Dr. Poss, we love them!!

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party of eight said...

wow, that is great! i'm impressed!