Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I can't handle 5 minutes

Wow, the entire morning is going fine, and then the last 5 minutes as we get ready to go to the bus stop, everything melts down and I am completely annoyed. Akila was pretty good all morning, then as the kids are putting on shoes and coats, we had an issue.

She wanted to wear a pair of high heel shoes that the girls use to play with dress up. They are real shoes, not the little girl fake high heels. I tell her that she needs to wear her tennis shoes and she immediately looses it. Starts kicking and name calling. I tell her that she can wear them to dance class tonight, but can't wear shoes like this to school. Well no matter, she is totally gone and replaced with a manic Akila.

I manage to get her tennis shoes on her, but it wasn't pretty. She called me every name in the book and as she was going out the door, she slammed the screen door intentionally against the railing, kicked the door quite hard, while calling names. I followed her (in a non-intimidating manner) out the door and she threw her book bag at me. I picked it up and followed her to the bus stop, all the while being called names. I calmly told her she would have a consequence when she got home for this poor behavior, which made her spew more hateful language.

The bus came, I almost kissed the bus driver. I am now going to spend some time in the Word and pray for peace and that the Lord would help me to not let 5 minutes ruin my day. I don't think it will.

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Heather said...

I know this feeling so well - when one little thing can turn into a hate-fest. I admire that you were able to handle it calmly. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't, but no one outside this life ever understands it!