Saturday, September 10, 2011

First day of school 2011

The first day of school was very weird. Normally, this is my favorite day of the year. I count down to it. I live for it. This year it felt very different. With Akila going into the crisis home 5 days before school started, it threw everything off. The last weekend of summer, was the hardest one for me by far.

We always take pictures on the first morning before the kids get on the bus, and we still did this year, but without Akila. That felt yucky. I wrote about how Michael and I went and had lunch with Akila and about how nice that was. So I focused on how excited the other 3 were for their first day of school. Imani and Hezekiah were particularly nervous as they were going to a new school.

They all had a great first day of school. The 3 kids, Michael and I went that evening for our first visit to see Akila in the crisis home. The picture above on the right is from the back yard there. That is serving as our official back to school picture, not that I ever do anything with the pictures (a scrap booker I am not!).

We visited her for about one hour, and it went really well. We brought along a football and threw it around in the backyard the entire time. Akila has always been very good at playing catch, with any sort of ball or other item. She is better at throwing a football than either of my boys and is good at catching it also. She had drawn some pictures for all of us and that is what the pictures are of below, her giving out the pictures. I had forgotten to pack her new backpack so we delivered that as well. So it was very pleasant. She didn't melt down when we left either.

She called 15 minutes after we got home, and that was a different story. She was crying to come home and was very homesick. We talked for awhile, it was hard. The next day, I spoke with the program manager for some advise on what to say to her during these times. We were advised not to give her a timeline, since things change and you don't want to let her down. So we just keep saying we don't know how long she will be there. She keeps proposing 3 more days, or next Tuesday. Saying she has learned her lesson.

The manager recommended telling her that the team meets next week and they will decide. She was quite content with that. She wants me to tell the team she is ready to leave, and that she should leave next Thursday, the team meets on Tuesday. I keep telling her to focus on making good choices and behaving well.

She has had pretty good behavior, but some attitude issues. This is what we expected for the first several weeks. I am even nervous that she might not display much of her aggressive behavior while staying there. Sounds funny, but I kind of want/need her to show them that side of her. Hard to explain.

But, all in all, the first day, the first week of school, was a good one for all 4 of our kids. I am very thankful for that.


mindfulness said...

Your children are so beautiful! I'm glad things are going well for your family.

Jennio said...

My heart broke reading this. I cannot imagine how it feels to leave a child someplace else, even knowing that is what it has to be. How I pray that there is peace for everyone. Love to you.

Melissa and Joel said...

Your kids are gorgeous. I'm glad things are better now, hopefully it just keeps getting better from here.

Kristin said...

Barb, I understand your comment about wanting Akila to represent her "true" behavior while she is there so that the drs can get an accurate understanding of what you are facing and therefore they can offer you the help you need. I have the same thing happen with migraine and going to the dr. You don't want to have months of migraines and then a "good spell" right beforehand, because then the dr things things are getting better and you don't get the help you need, if you return home and things return to the normal bad health they usually are.... If that example makes sense. So don't feel bad. You are seeking HELP. Help is good. Good for you, Akila, your other kids.