Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Team meeting

We have a team meeting tomorrow at the crisis home. We tell Akila this is when we talk about how she is doing and when she might come home. This translates to her mind that she is coming home after the meeting and has been telling me for two weeks (since the last team meeting) to tell everyone that she is ready to come home. I just tell her that I will tell the team that is what SHE thinks- you know, she has learned her lesson after all.

This morning, her aide at school called to tell me that she has been really horrible and by 10:30, she had pulled her out of class twice to talk about her attitude. She said it had been really bad and wondered if we should call the crisis home and have them come and get her. I asked to talk to her. I then proceeded to tell her that it was obvious to me that she had not learned her lesson if she was being this rude at school and showing so much attitude. She of course disagreed and said she would clean up her act.

Michael and I were just about to leave to go have lunch with her. We did, and then talked with the aide some more. She said that Akila has been really horrible so far this year, especially the last two weeks. I told her that I think she is getting more "crap" from Akila because Akila is most comfortable with her. She doesn't have us to beat on, verbally or physically, so she is letting it out on the aide (who has been working with her for 3 years). I told her I was really sorry, but thankfully she understands that we don't have much control of the little twirp. Yuck.

When she called this evening, she was once again telling me that she is ready to come home tomorrow. I told her that she won't be as it is very clear to me that she has not learned her lesson based on her attitude at school. She disagreed, over and over. And over and over... She thinks that we should bring her home and she will then prove to us that she behave better. I told her that I would need to see the behavior first. She disagreed, over and over. And over and over.

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AKBrady said...

Yeah. That, unfortunately, is the crux of with our son. Praying for you. Tough, really tough to parent in this situation. Sometimes feel as if we all are the losers, no matter what we choose.