Monday, September 26, 2011

Nick & Suzanna's wedding

Nick & Suzanna, the happy couple!

Me and my two older brothers, much older!!

We went to my nephew Nick's wedding on Saturday in the St. Cloud area. His new wife is Suzanna, and she is awesome, they make a great couple. The wedding was beautiful, and our whole family enjoyed it. My brother Tony who lives in Virgina flew in for the wedding, so it was nice to see both of my brothers.

Akila came with and was acted beautifully the entire time. She did become sad when it was getting close to time to go, and on the ride home. When we were saying goodbye to Tony, he mentioned that he is coming to stay with us on Monday, today. Akila then grabbed on to that and perseverated. She thinks she needs to come home from the crisis home so she can see uncle Tony, permanently. We listened to that the majority of the ride home.

She was once again telling me how she had learned her lesson, and that she wouldn't be mean anymore. I asked her how her behavior has been at the crisis home. She said good. I asked if she had kicked any of the staff. She said no. I know she kicked at least two different staff last week, and took a swing at another staff member's face, but had to stretch so far that she did not connect. She told me she has not kicked or tried to hit them. I said nothing in return. A few minutes later, she admitted to kicking one staff. But it was because she was mad and annoyed.

I reminded her that at home she would get mad and annoyed also. But she is convinced that she won't hit or hurt us anymore. I know that she truly thinks this, and this is what is heartbreaking. I can't tell you how much I wish she could come home now, and not be violent anymore. My heart desires this so much that it hurts.

Thankfully, she got out of the car without a scene and all in all, it was a super time with her. I am so glad we brought her with, as we debated if it would be a good idea and in the end, decided to take her with. She was facinated with the wedding. Moved to an aisle seat by herself in a different row so she could see and take it all in. Went through the receiving line 3 times as she was so obsessed with how beautiful Suzanna looked. It was sweet.

She also perseverated on the fact that she was not a bridesmaid and was not happy about this. We left the reception before the bride threw the bouquet, and this is good as she was convinced that she was going to fight tooth and nail to get it. We explained that it was for single women, over 18. She did not care. She wanted to sit at the head table with the bride and groom, and didn't understand that it doesn't work that way. We arrived at the reception before the wedding party, and of course she had to go and sit at the head table for awhile.

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