Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Lunch with Akila

Michael and I went and had lunch with Akila at school today. It is just what my mommy heart needed. We are going there tonight to see her, but I just couldn't wait another minute, and I am so glad we went, for several reasons.

One, I missed not getting to send her off on her first day of 7th grade. That was hard. Two, I am expecting that there is a possibility that tonight, she may be whining to come home, and wanting to know how much longer she has to stay, and focusing on stuff like that. Today, she was all smiles. She was the Akila that I so enjoy.

When we got there, she was just getting through the lunch line. She put her sweet smile on for us, but did not go all nutty or crazy when she saw us, that is not her style. We sat down with her and she was smiling throughout the entire lunch. She told us about her morning and about seeing Zeke in the morning. He had brought her backpack and sweatshirt for her. She had given him a big hug. He has struggled the most with her absence, so I am glad that he will get to see her each day at school.

Her aide came up after she went upstairs and told us that she had told Akila that she understood that Akila was living somewhere else right now and asked Akila what she thought about it. Akila said she didn't like it and that it was scary. She asked Akila if she knew why she was living there and Akila said it was because her behavior wasn't good. The aide asked about what kind of behavior. Akila said that she had been hitting and kicking and stuff like that. The aide told her that if she went home and did it some more, that she would probably have to return to the crisis home. I was thankful for the support. I was also happy to hear that Akila was able to say why she was there, as I have been trying to make sure she understands that.

We will still go and see Akila this evening and bring all the kids with. I am just glad that I got a little time with her today, especially time with her when she was in a good mood, was smiling and happy. My mommy heart really needed that! Thank you Jesus.


the johnson crew said...

This made me cry. I love you barb. You are a good mom, and I know Akila loves you. I cannot imagine how hard this must be. Praying God will give you hope and faith to trust Him through this.

Donut Diva said...

So glad you have a happy Akila that you were able to connect with today.

Nikki said...

So happy for you! Looking forward to reading more of your blog.

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Kari said...

I'm so glad you had this experience with her during such a difficult time. I'm sure she felt good about it, too. ♥

Blessed said...

Oh, so sweet. I am so glad you had that precious time. I hope tonight goes well too!