Saturday, September 17, 2011

Date night with Zeke

We took Zeke out on his date night last night, it was a blast. You might remember the one we did with Hezekiah a few weeks ago was kind of rough- Akila was having a very difficult time at home with the PCA and was raging and we got several phone calls. We knew right away when Akila went into the crisis home that we should get Zeke's date night done while she was there, and probably Imani's also (we usually do them about twice a year, or just once, depending).

We had a great time with Zeke, even considering that Michael has a really bad cold. We went to Olive Garden and then bowling. He even got to play video games at the bowling alley, something we would never do if we had all of the kids. It was really fun- I just love spending this one-on-one time with the kids. They look forward to it all week, and I honestly think that Michael and I do more than they do.

We are going to take Akila to church with us tomorrow, which will be interesting. I didn't write about this yet. The first Sunday she was gone, she called when we were arriving at church. I told her I only had a few minutes because we were about to go into church. She got bummed out because she wanted to go to church. This is the girl who NEVER wants to go to church, and throws fits about it. Of course.

Then last Sunday morning, she called early and asked if she could go with us. I said no. After I got off the phone, it felt really weird. Yet, we are on respite. It was really refreshing to be able to worship without having to worry about her and the issues that she brings to worship. Wow, that is selfish. I prayed about it this week, and decided that we are going to give it a try this Sunday. Truthfully, she doesn't do too bad of a time in church. The biggest challenge, is her worrying about what the other 3 kids are doing and getting upset with them.

She will go to church with us, and then go out to lunch with us, which is kind of a tradition that we do each week. We haven't been doing it really the last month while Michael has been unemployed but it looks promising that should be changing really soon. He got a bite yesterday and it looks like an offer should be coming in early next week. Praying that the Lord works out the details in the offer, and we will be to normal. Oh wait, I guess not normal. Not sure if we will ever know normal again. Not sure if we have known normal for 12 years or so. But we will be back to business as usual, how about that? Either way, God is good and sustains us through all things.

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