Monday, March 29, 2010

Banana bread

I think that after just two weeks, Akila's new med already needs an adjustment. The Dr. said this might be the case. She has been a bit more explosive the last 4 days or so, but still nothing like a few weeks ago.

Right now, she was watching Sid the Science Kid on PBS. Sid must have been making banana bread. Akila wants some. Now. We don't have any bananas right now. She is throwing quite a fit about it. Several things are broken, and I am bummed we are starting the first day of spring break off like this. I should have known better.

I could run to the store right now and get some bananas, but I don't want to. I don't want to get everyone dressed to make the trip. Our two neighbors slept over last night and the other three kids are all playing nicely with them. I told Akila we would get some bananas later today. She wants them now, did I mention that?

I finally got her distracted after 25 minutes of perseverating on the bananas. That doesn't sound long, but it truly is. Trust me.

On a side note- Sid the Science Kid is a pretty cool show. But I don't like it. He is always doing these really cool science experiments and things the kids can try at home. Akila has thrown many a fit over the show and wanting to do one of the projects. If we don't have all of the items necessary, or if we don't have the time to do the project right away when she has watched it, she goes ballistic. What a great show for neuro-typical kids.


Little Wonder said...

I know the episode! :D

GB's Mom said...

Neurotypical kids have their needs, too! We ended up adding a 1/4 mg in the morning to GB's dosage. I worked great.

Hollinger Family said...

Well, I am praying that a tad bit of dosage change will keep things a bit on track for you and for her.
Yeah, my daughter LOVES to do the science experiments, etc... she is way more driven to try/test things out than I am ever wanting to do =)