Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A gift

One of the gifts that the Lord gave to Michael, is the gift to teach. He is great at doing homework with the kids, explaining detailed steps. He taught me how to drive stick shift and nobody else had been able. Most wives have a hard time learning something like this from their husbands, as you can often feel like you're being yelled at. But Michael is good at this stuff.

I told Michael how I was frustrated last week with the kids lying. Imani had told me that she had brushed her teeth and I knew she had not. When I confronted her on this, she admitted it and I talked with her about lying and the impact it has on others. She did not really get it.

On Sunday evening, Michael had the whole family come into the dining room with their bibles. He had 8 paper plates on the table upside down and a jar of quarters. He told the kids there was money under one of the plates and asked them what question they would ask mom and dad to find out which plate the money was under. Imani said she would ask which plate the money is under. He said right. They would take turns asking mom or dad which plate it was under. They left the room, we put the money under a plate and they came back.

I was to always give them the right answer, Michael would always give the wrong answer. After just 3 or 4 turns, they realized to only ask me. They were all accusing Michael of lying and said they did not trust him. We then had a discussion about lying, and how it affects your trust. He then gave each child a notecard with a bible verse on it and they each looked one up and read it out loud. We then discussed lying further and prayed about it. It was great.

When we went upstairs to go to bed, Imani seemed burdened. She asked me if there was an old lie, and they told the truth now, would there be a consequence. We had talked at length about if it is better to tell the truth and get a consequence, or to lie and not get an immediate consequence. I told her it all depended. She started to cry and we went into her bedroom. Last week, Akila had said that one day on the bus, Imani had been asking another questions about sex that were innappropriate and Imani denied it. I could tell she had been lying.

Well, this is what she wanted to confess. I had her tell me what they had talked about, and I then corrected the answers she had been given on the bus and told her she could ask me these kind of questions anytime, as long as she got me alone first. I forgave her and we prayed again. It was beautiful.

I think Michael is planning on doing something like this each week, and I am really glad!!!! I have a list of topics to request including obedience, attitude and work ethic.


GB's Mom said...

Your Michael sounds like a treasure! That is a great idea- it makes lying concrete enough for even FASD kids.

Hollinger Family said...

Fantasic idea; one that would hugely benefit any family. Thanks for sharing; I love it when God's grace slips in...