Friday, March 12, 2010

Bummer end to the night

Akila really had a good week. And I am going to try to forget about the last hour plus of the evening, cuz it was not fun. Not fun at all. She has learned some new swear words, let's just put it that way.

I was at school helping out in Zeke's class today, and when I finished, i had 45 minutes before Imani's classroom play was to begin. It just happened to be the start of Akila's lunch. Our school has a campaign called "Think Twice" which is about being kind and respectful. When a student or staff finds a student doing great things, they write their name down on a card and what they did that was helpful or respectful, and they do drawings like once a month or so.

Akila's name was drawn today. She won a $20 gift card to Target. She really had a pretty good week. So I grabbed her out of the lunch line and we went through the skyway system (their school is in downtown Minneapolis), and went to get some pizza. It was really nice. She was in a super great mood, smiling and holding my hand. It was precious.

She was good afterschool, and I made the decision to go to Target right away so she could spend her gift card. When she has money, it burns a hole in her pocket, and we are all miserable until she spends it. So I wanted to avoid the issues. It worked.

We had a basketball banquet tonight for Hezekiah and Imani. I wanted the whole family to go. Michael I think would have preferred to stay home with Akila knowing it would be hard for her to handle. We ended up all going, and she did pretty well. Until the car ride home. It was not fun.

When we got home, I had her take her meds right away and gave her some time to veg out while we got the other kids to bed. When it was finally her turn to go to bed, she was super tired, but totally lost it. Totally. Did I say totally? I mean TOTALLY. Michael and I both had to restrain her. She called us the N word tonight. Interesting. And several other things. It was a really good reminder of why we don't do church on Wednesday nights. A boy from the basketball team's mom has been picking up our boys the last two weeks and taking them to Awana's at a church and they love it. My boys love it, and she has said she will continue to do it. I am thankful beyond words to this woman.

It took forever to get her calmed down and settled down enough to sleep. But, I am going to focus on the good school week we had, not the last hour of it. I am still thankful.


GB's Mom said...

A whole good week! Congratulations! You have amazing focus- on the woods, not the trees. I hope you have a good weekend.

the johnson crew said...

i am sorry the week had to end like that. i am sure it was encouraging to have such a good week though. i am praying for you all barb, that God with give you strength adn love daily. you are an amazing mom. :)

Linda B said...

I'm so happy to hear about your Friday at school. I just hate taking Andrew to any store-especially Target because he knows it well-it gives me a good feeling to know it is possible it can work out. Even though you pay for it in the end. You handle her emotions so well. I hope she got it all out Friday night and the rest of the weekend is better.