Saturday, March 6, 2010

Slapping the sitter

Michael and I went to a parenting seminar at our church on Friday night and Saturday morning. Our 19 year old nephew babysat. Davis is a student at the University of Minnesota so we picked him up at the dorm and he stayed over night last night. He has babysat 2 or 3 times this fall.

I tried to give him the heads up on Akila, and last time he babysat, she was pretty challenging. But her behaviors have escalated so much in the last month, it is hard to prepare someone for it. We went out to dinner before the seminar, and Davis called about a 1/2 hour after we left. Akila had been slapping him and throwing things at him, and he was wondering what he could do.

This broke my heart. She has shown disrespect and been challenging for sitters before, but has never gotten violent with them also. She was also swearing. The great thing, is that it didn't really throw Davis off, he was just wondering what his options were. I told him to restrain her. He did, and texted us about 20 or 30 minutes later and said all was good.

How cool is that? Not that she was hitting him, but that he was able to deal with it and not too phased by it. He said he is willing to sit again in the future. Now that is love. We love you Davis, and appreciate you and the maturity that you have shown working with all of our kids!

(here is a really cool picture I found of Davis on Facebook- isn't he cute??!! :)


GB's Mom said...

Does he have a clone in New York?

Lynn said...

I would like a clone about 25 years older than he is also. When do you start taking orders? Destination Colorado.

Awesome guy!!!!!!

Linda B said...

Hey, I'm in MN and will provide transportation! You are blessed to have him-

the j. crew said...

thats great!