Friday, March 19, 2010

Good day

After an emotional night, we went and had some fun today. Michael took the day off, we went out to lunch where we could watch the Gophers lose, and then we went to the health club where we swam forever and then played basketball. Picked up pizza on the way home. No cooking for me, sounds good.

It has been kind of hard to explain cremation to the kids, the idea of burning Hibeam does not seem good to them. It is kind of hard to get.

Imani was wearing Hibeam's collar and dog tags last night, and it was freaking me out. Every time she was moving around in a room, I thought it was Hibeam. Akila brought Hibeam's leash to bed with her and was trying to get a response out of Michael and I. It is kind of like she doesn't have many emotions, at least not some that she is figuring out how to handle, so she is copying others.

I do think the new med is helping, she has been really good this week, and just has such a more positive demeanor. She seems happy, instead of constantly angry.


the johnson crew said...

in our family the more active (physically) our days are, the better they are.

i am so sorry about high beam.

AKBrady said...

Oh, I am sorry about Hibeam. Our son, too, was confused about how he should act when our old dog passed away. He cried, and made sure I could see the kleenex he used up. We just let him watch us and gave him some room. I made him a shadow box of dog tags and a photo, and left it at that. I'll pray the days get easier. Glad your "day off" was a good one.