Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Changing meds

I emailed Akila's Dr. yesterday and said we needed to stop the new medication. He agreed. We are phasing her off of it this week and are going to try a new one next week. I am very relieved.

Michael and I talked last week about how to make the mornings go more smoothly and are trying a few new things. The main thing is that we are getting the kids up an hour early, instead of 30 minutes early, hoping that Akila's meds have more time to take effect before we have to leave before school. We are also being more hard core with Akila on the fact that she has to take her meds right away and does not get breakfast until she takes them.

Day 3, and it has worked well so far. I am sure not all mornings will go smoothly, but hopefully it will help a little.


GB's Mom said...

The combination of changes should help! I love doctors who email. I don't know how I did with out it with my older ones.

Good luck!

Cori said...

Don't forget to rest during the calm something for yourself.

AKBrady said...

Barb, you two are great parents. Good for you for standing firm and trying new ways to manage situations/people. Prayers your way.

Linda B said...

Way to advocate! Take naps when you can!

Anonymous said...

Good luck, meds are hard to figure out. This is what my daughter was like around puberty, I guess the hormones made everything 10x worse. I don't know her age or diagnosis but Risperdal was the only thing that reduced our rages once all the hormones hit (once it was at a high enough dose that is), in case they haven't tried it yet... If it helps, I also had to bribe her to take it, in our case with sleep. I'd wake her up super early to take it, she was pretty sleepy so didn't refuse as strongly, and if she took it she could sleep longer which is what she wants in the mornings. Hope they find a great med for you guys to get her calm!