Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Up since 4

The boys came into our room at 4:03 this morning saying that Akila keeps coming in their room. I went upstairs, no telling how long she had been up. All three of the other kids were awake. I think Imani is the only one in the house who fell back asleep. She even woke up the poor puppy.

She is suppose to go skiing today with her class, I think she is just too excited. It drives me nuts when she gets up in the middle of the night, although I know she kind of can't help it. But what really drives me nuts, is when she wakes the other kids up intentionally. That she can help. I cannot talk Imani into sleeping with her door closed and/or locked. That would help. I think one of the boys got up to go to the bathroom and left their door open and unlocked last night. I realize she might then pound on their door to wake them up, but I really doubt she would do this, at least not every time.

This will give me some time to get my grocery shopping list ready for Rainbow Foods. Today is double coupon day and they are allowing 10 coupons today instead of 5, that is a potential savings of up to $20, as you can use coupons up to $1 off. Wahoo!!

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