Thursday, March 4, 2010

Found: Dance PCA

I am so relieved and excited, a dancer has taken the position to work with Akila during dance class, and Akila loves her! Her name is Laura, and she was the teaching assistant in Akila's class last year, here is a picture of the two of them:

On Wednesday nights, when I pick up Akila from dance, I bring her evening meds and have her take them at the studio so they have kicked in by the time we get home. I usually try to have one of the teens give them to her as she then does not fight the meds (we are having epic battles to take any kind of meds, including melatonin).

Last night, Laura volunteered and brought her the meds. When she was leaving the room, Laura said something like, "she is my favorite kid in the world". Laura has always liked Akila and sees past her querks and oddness that can freak some people out. I am so thankful that she is willing to help out with this so that Akila can continue with dance. Thanks Laura, you are my hero!!!

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Linda B said...

This IS really nice! My kids do so much better for other people too-it's nice to have someone other than family to love them despite all the querks.