Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wanted: Dance PCA

Akila's dance teacher is my best girl friend, Juli. She says that Akila's behavior is to the point of where she has to have someone with her in class, a PCA or aide of some type. Akila keeps leaving class, and rifling through everything in the studio and stealing stuff, is having a hard time staying in class, and is often mean to the other dancers.

I could just have her quit, but I really don't want to take this from her life. She is a pretty good dancer, when she pays attention. She has natural abilities and enjoys it. The other three are good musicians, which Akila has struggled with because of her dispraxia and other issues. I could stay with her during class, but that would not work well. She does not respond well to me in the evening, and it would be a constant battle.

Immediately following Akila's class, is a teenage class and I had the teacher announce tonight that I would like to hire one of them to be Akila's PCA during her classes. I am keeping my finger crossed, as I really do not want her to have to quit dance. We always say that we have 3 musicians and 1 dancer. I want this for her. I really do.

She had a tough behavior day at school, which I am guessing is somewhat tied to her lack of sleep and the excitement of skiing all day. They couldn't get her to take her meds until 2:00 pm, which mean that she had several hours on the trip when the meds had worn off.

On the flip side, I had a pretty energetic day considering the small amount of sleep that I got. Yey!!! I received a packet, or should I say catalog, of paperwork from the state as the second phase of the medical assistance application. Worked on it for 2 hours last night, and a few hours today. Not fun. Having to dig through records and find her Apgar scores for goodness sakes. I don't remember. And lots of other info that is really unnecessary, in my opinion. Well, I am off to bed at a much earlier time than I am accustomed to, but the energy is gone.


GB's Mom said...

I hope one of the older girls agrees to be a PCA for Akila during the class. Every child needs something that they enjoy and can master.

the j. crew said...

apgar scores for goodness sakes. the only kid I have record of apgar scores for is amos... i don't ever remember seeing anything for malachi.

sorry dance is getting so rough. i hope a PCA can get worked out, adn I really hope you can get on medical assistance.