Thursday, March 18, 2010


Today is the last school day of the week. The kids just left for school, and we finished up 9 school days in a row of no morning issues with Akila. Praise the Lord!

Yesterday, I picked her up from school and she was in a fabulous mood. I could not help but think of what a change it is from just 2 or 3 weeks ago, when she had an angry look on her face before she even got in the van and was horribly crabby each day when I picked her up. I drove her to my friend Juli's house who brings her with to dance class. She stood in the driveway with a huge smile waving goodbye and yelling that she loves me. I turned the corner, pulled over and texted Juli that Akila was in a really good mood and told her not to ruin it!

Juli said that she was talkative and good at her house. She usually just stands around quietly, picks her skin, or tries to steal stuff (even before the last medication we tried that was a disaster). During dance, the teenager I hired, Laura, started working with Akila. Everyone said it was a huge success- Juli said it made a major difference.

I picked her up from dance, she was still smiling and happy. At home she was in a good mood, and went to bed just fine. Now, we may just be on a good cycle, she may have just had a particularly good day (which she has from time to time), but I am truly hoping it is this new medication, Risperdal. She started on it on Saturday and it is something you start out the first week with a lower dose, and work up.

Don't get me wrong, I know last night will not be every night. I know that meds do not make things that much better. But if it has some type of impact on her and makes her moods a little better, I will be so grateful. She deserves it, not to mention the rest of the family. I was talking to her about how much fun she was having because she was in a good mood. She agreed. I am not even dreading the day off from school tomorrow like I often do.

Maybe Akila just had Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). I know I was in a good mood yesterday with the sun shining and warm temps. :-)


GB's Mom said...

Risperdal is what GB's doctor but her on over three years ago. The difference it made was unbelievable. The only problem we had with it was a large weight gain. GB went from 32# to 65# the first year she was on it. I decided to cut out the daytime doses and just leave her on 1/2 mg at night. It did not work as well, but she loss all the extra weight with out trying, and it was still much better than before. We have added lithium during the day, and that has helped some. Good luck!

Linda B said...

Andrew has been on risperdal for maybe 2 years? I can't keep track and wish I would just start a med. log. It helps him with his anxiety which usually comes out as agression. I like that he is able to enjoy more and is easier to be around. Hope it continues to help Akila (oooh I may have spelled her name wrong~:o}

AKBrady said...

We sure will take those good days! Resperdal can make such a huge difference!

a said...

That's awesome! Risperdal was amazing for us also, I almost lost hope in meds after the other ones only made minor differences, but risperdal has been soo good for my kid. We have to spread it out 3 times a day so it doesn't wear off, and I can really tell when its wearing off. Enjoy the calm!