Thursday, March 11, 2010

I'm laughing

Akila just came downstairs again and wants to see a movie she saw a commercial about. I said that maybe she could earn it and I would think of a chart we could put together to earn it. And I mentioned that she has been pretty good this week and told her that I appreciated that. She smiled.

And then, she put her hand in her pocket with a funny look on her face. Oh no. I braced myself. Thankfully, it was just a pack of gum from which I had given her a piece of earlier and said no more tonight as I put it back in my coat pocket. She apologized.

I am laughing. I just asked where my coat is. It is downstairs under the couch. Along with 8 trillion dust balls, 4 trillion dog hairs, 6 trillion crumbs, and many other unspeakable things. Not sure why she had to put it under the couch. Good thing I spilled pizza on it today and it needed washing anyway.

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GB's Mom said...

I am laughing, too. Thanks for sharing!