Tuesday, March 16, 2010

School conferences

We had conferences tonight, and we had mostly really good news. I will start with reports on the youngest and move up.

Zeke, 1st grade- is reading at end of 2nd grade level, doing great. Great kid to have in class. Is going to get more challenging spelling words.
Hezekiah, 2nd grade- getting too chatty and not living up to his potential, went down in math. But is still really high and doing well, just some areas to work on.
Imani, 4th grade- super star report. Imani has always been a very average student and has never been a very strong reader. Well, in all the testing, she has shot up and is doing great in all areas. She is a fantastic student, and for the third year in a row, we hear a teacher say they want to clone her. Me too. :)
Akila-5th grade- on all of her testing, she has also gone up and is closing the gap. This was so great to hear and is truly a testament to her paraprofessional's hard work. I have noticed that the school work Akila is bringing home, is filled out and makes sense. This never happened in the past. The aide (I would use her name but don't have permission, so I will refer to her as the aide) helps to keep Akila focused in class, and helps to complete her work. She often takes Akila into the hallway to work on a project after the teacher has given instructions. She is fabulous and I can't tell you how much I hope she works with Akila next year.

Michael was prepared tonight and wrote jokes out on little note cards and put them in all the kids desks. He did this last October and they loved it. It was a nice night and was fun to hear that ALL of our kids are doing well in school.

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Congratulations! Enjoy this moment.